Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets

Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets are a range of wine cabinets specifically designed for connoisseurs who wish to store their best wines in ideal conditions while being able to benefit at any time from wonderful bottles ready to be enjoyed. Climadiff multi-purpose cabinets provide several temperature areas that can be adjusted for each use. All the conditions are met for storage but also for serving your best grands crus. These Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets are equipped with advanced technologies such as an active carbon filter to neutralise odours, a dual high-quality thermostat and even a vibration-damping system. Certain Climadiff wine cabinets also are designed to bring your wines up to serving temperature.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.

Climadiff , the leading wine cabinet specialist

in France, results from a meeting between the household electrical appliance sector and the two-century old wine tradition. From this unique dual culture, Climadiff now uses with passion its incomparable expertise in designing its

very high quality wine cabinets

within reach of the greatest number of wine lovers.
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Perfect for real wine lovers as for beginning collectors

,Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets are conceived to keep wines between 10 C and 14 C, while providing cooling or/and conditioning zones (only in certain models). While preserving the quality of your most precious bottles over time, this wine cabinet also allows you to have selected bottles permanently available at the optimum serving temperature.
Voir la video des caves multi fonctions Le meilleur de la technologie pour les caves polyvalentes
Several precisely adjustable temperature zones

Naturally layered temperature zones provide each wine shelves with specific conditions depending on usage: 12C to 14C for long-storage, 9C and 18C for immediate serving. For more precise adjustments, some models are equipped with several separate compartments, each with their own temperature control device. With the winter system , a standard or optional feature, you can install your Climadiff wine cabinet in a room where temperatures may drop to 0C.
Double mechanical thermostat to create a specific high-quality environment

Like all Climadiff wine cellars, multi-purpose wine cabinets are equipped with precise and responsive bulb thermostats, which measure the interior air temperature surrounding the bottles, unlike ordinary wine coolers that are simply derived from refrigerators, which measure the cold-generating component. With Climadiff thermostats, temperatures can be controlled much more precisely
Full door with integrated wine log

With Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets, your bottles are provided with excellent protection against light, thanks either to a full door creating total obscurity. Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets with full doors provide space for information or a wine log inside the door (a Climadiff innovation), allowing to record information, entries and exits about the collection.
Glass door with anti-UV protection (according to model)

With Climadiff multi-purpose wine cabinets, your bottles are provided with excellent protection against light thanks to an anti-UV glass door.
Activated charcoal filters to eliminate odours

In Climadiff ageing wine cellars, air is replaced in a natural, slow and controlled manner. The activated charcoal filter eliminates all risk of unpleasant odours (exhaust gas in garages, heating fuel in basements, etc.) that could transit via the surrounding air, which is necessary to maintain proper humidity levels.
Quadruple vibrations absorption system

Like any appliance with moving parts, a compressor creates vibrations. To prevent these vibrations from reaching the bottles, Climadiff ageing wine cellars are equipped with four vibration barriers:
- 1. The compressor is fixed to the frame using natural rubber buffers.
- 2. The high inertia frame supporting the compressor is specially reinforced to eliminate resonance.
- 3. A high-density polyurethane foam interface isolates the internal chamber from the structure.
- 4. Wine racks are also set on natural rubber shock absorbers
Lava stone or hydrodynamic control of humidity
Fixed and/or sliding universal shelves (according to model)

Les clayettes en bois ou en acier permettent le rangement optimal des différents types de bouteilles. Suivant les modèles, elles sont aussi équipées de frontons porte craies ou porte étiquette. Certaines caves polyvalentes Climadiff offrent un espace spécialement conçu pour abriter en position debout les bouteilles entamées.
Upright bottle area( according to model)
Avintage, La collection PREMIUM de Climadiff The Climadiff premium collection
® : a strong design and the latest technological innovations at the service of your love of wine. Avintage is available at all the best specialised retailers and offers a range of cabinets designed with the highest standards and respect for wine which are Climadiff hallmarks.
You can find this premium collection by following the pointers.

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Avintage, the Climadiff PREMIUM collection

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Climadiff's multi-purpose cabinets are multi-temperature cabinets for both cooling your bottles of wine, thanks to a cooling system and for storing them. The different temperature areas are optimised for wine storage. Like the wine ageing cabinets, the multi-purpose wine cabinets benefit from certain technologies such as the active charcoal filter, or the fixed or sliding shelves for storing your wine bottles vertically. You thus benefit from maximum use of the wine cabinet. Certain wine cabinets also are designed for bringing your wines to serving temperature. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.
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