Wine cabinets for refreshing and preserving

Climadiff reduced-size wine storage areas will delight wine enthusiasts and professionals who have smaller budgets for cooling and preserving their bottles. These Climadiff wine cabinets with serving areas are all equipped with a refrigeration system offering ideal cooling of your wines. They also have an adjustable thermostat, UV-protected tinted glass as well as sliding shelves. Thanks to Preservino® technology, you will be able to serve first rate crus at optimum temperature. This system also allows you to preserve opened bottles for up to three weeks and thus retain all the aromas of the wine.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.

Climadiff , the leading wine cabinet specialist

in France, results from a meeting between the household electrical appliance sector and the two-century old wine tradition. From this unique dual culture, Climadiff now uses with passion its incomparable expertise in designing its

very high quality wine cabinets

within reach of the greatest number of wine lovers.
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To serve the finest wines at the right temperature, Climadiff also offers a whole range of

compact wine cabinets

. These are equipped with a cooling system particularly well suited for a small number of bottles; they use the technology of thermo-electric semi-conductors (also called Peletier System after its inventor), and enable wines to be served at just the right temperature, even on a modest budget. This system also offers distinct ecological advantages and operates at low noise levels.
Rafraichir et preserver son vin, voir la video Le choix des professionnels pour offrir un service de vin au verre de 1er choix
Thanks to the Preservino® System, the excellar compact wine cabinet allows you to keep opened bottles of wine for up to three weeks. Thanks to the use of the inert gas argon, the wine does not come into contact with the air and so keeps all its essential qualities. This is what the professionals use in order to offer a fi rst-class service of wine by the glass.
Avintage, La collection PREMIUM de Climadiff The Climadiff premium collection
® : a strong design and the latest technological innovations at the service of your love of wine. Avintage is available at all the best specialised retailers and offers a range of cabinets designed with the highest standards and respect for wine which are Climadiff hallmarks.
You can find this premium collection by following the pointers.

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Avintage, the Climadiff PREMIUM collection

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Climadiff offers you a range of wine cabinets for cooling and storing a small number of bottles of wine. These wine cabinets are very useful for storing the wine using Preservino technology. As for the wine serving cabinets, these cabinets are able to cool your wines thanks to an adjustable thermostat and store them thanks to the UV protected tinted glass panels. Storage is optimal with sliding shelves tailored to your bottles of wine. Finally, these cabinets are for amateur wine lovers or professionals with a smaller budget. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.
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