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Climadiff serving wine cabinets permanently provide you with bottles at optimum serving temperature. These cabinets, designed specifically for serving, are equipped with a sophisticated temperature control system to cool your wines to perfection allowing you to discover the aromas of your favourite vintages at the ideal temperature. Climadiff wine serving cabinets are fitted with the best technologies: varied or adjustable temperatures in several areas, a UV-protected glass door and sliding shelves are all essential components in providing optimal cooling of your bottles. Climadiff wine serving cabinets can be built-in, integrated or free-standing. They will satisfy all the requirements of wine enthusiasts and wine professionals.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.

Climadiff , the leading wine cabinet specialist

in France, results from a meeting between the household electrical appliance sector and the two-century old wine tradition. From this unique dual culture, Climadiff now uses with passion its incomparable expertise in designing its

very high quality wine cabinets

within reach of the greatest number of wine lovers.
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Conceived for wine lovers and professionals


the Climadiff service wine cabinets

keep a selection of wines permanently available at the ideal serving temperature. Wines that are served too cold lose their aromas (a trick sometimes used to mask the inadequacies of mediocre wines). Wines that are too warm develop a bitter taste. To fully appreciate the qualities of a bottle that has been patiently brought to its peak through the maturation process, it must be served at the proper temperature, which differs between vintages. For wine connoisseurs, a Climadiff service wine cabinet is the ideal complement to an ageing wine cabinet.

Caves de services Le meilleur de la technologie pour les caves de service
External dimensions and ventilation system suitable for built-in kitchen installations or in a restaurant dining room, built-in or integrated

Climadiff 's service wine cabinets allow the precise adjustment of a temperature, from 6°C to 18°C. Some models are fit up with independant compartments offering different choices for different wines. Service wine cabinets being destinated to be frequently open, these are equipped with a ventilation system especially created to guarantee the fast return to a homogeneous temperature after an extended opening of the door.
Electronic thermostat for greater precision

Given the diversity of wines, it is necessary to have access to a wide and precise range of temperatures for optimum wine tastings. Thanks to an electronic thermostat system, temperatures can be selected very precisely.
Glass door with anti-UV protection

Climadiff service wine cabinets are equipped with an anti-UV glass door to protect your bottles from the harmful effects of intense light. The double lining limits the impact of outside temperature changes.
Air jets to ensure fast return to optimal temperature even when cabinet is opened frequently

Standard sliding wine shelves

Sliding metal or wooden wine shelves provide an easy access to a given bottle. Some Climadiff conditioning wine cellars have space to store opened bottles in an upright position.
External dimensions and ventilation system suitable for integration in built-in kitchens or serving areas

Watchful and thoughtful to the needs of its customers, Climadiff has equipped some models with the appropriate dimensions and ventilation system for easy integration in built-in kitchens or serving areas.

Avintage, La collection PREMIUM de Climadiff The Climadiff premium collection
® : a strong design and the latest technological innovations at the service of your love of wine. Avintage is available at all the best specialised retailers and offers a range of cabinets designed with the highest standards and respect for wine which are Climadiff hallmarks.
You can find this premium collection by following the pointers.

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Avintage, the Climadiff PREMIUM collection

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The Climadiff wine serving cabinets are used for cooling your bottles of wine, thanks to a sophisticated cooling system and for storing already opened bottles of wine. More than just a simple wine rack, wine serving cabinets maximise storage space as well as the areas of different temperatures for a swift return to the ideal storage temperature for your bottles of wine. In the same way as the multi-purpose wine cabinets, the wine serving cabinets have UV protected doors as well as sliding or fixed shelves to improve your wine cabinet's use of space. Climadiff wine serving cabinets can be built-in, integrated or free standing and are made for wine professionals. Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Drink in moderation.
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